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Trends and Development in Management Studies
Author Guidelines

Submission: Papers may be submitted for consideration of possible publication by using any one of the following modes:

1- Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts by using Online Submission link on our website in the form of .pdf or .doc files. But in case there are more than one files it will be better to submit it via e-mail.

2- Papers may also be submitted directly to Editorial Head Office through e-mail attachment on rashmi@jyotiacademicpress.net or jyotiacademicpress.com@gmail.com.

3- Authors may also send their papers through e-mail to any member of the Editorial Board with a cc to rashmi@jyotiacademicpress.net .

Articles received are immediately put before the referees/members of the Editorial Board for their opinion who generally pass on the same in six weeks’ time or less. In case of a clear recommendation for publication, the paper is accommodated in an issue to appear next.

Abstract: Papers must begin with an abstract of not more than 300 words, and they should list at least one Keywords and Phrases. References should be placed at the end of the paper.

Figures: Figures should be prepared in a clear or high resolution quality of image. In addition, all figures and tables should be numbered and the appropriate space reserved in the text, with the insertion point clearly indicated. The list of tables or figures should be produced separately at the end of the manuscript.

Copyright: It is assumed that the submitted manuscript has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright for their articles is transferred to the publisher, if and when, the paper is accepted for publication. Authors are reminded that they should retain a copy of anything submitted for publication since neither the Journal nor the Publisher can accept liability for any loss.

Proofs: PDF proofs of a paper will be sent to the corresponding author or requested otherwise for corrections after the paper is accepted for publication on the basis of the recommendation of referees. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors. Authors are advised to check their proofs very carefully before return. Corrected proofs are to be returned to the publishers.

Print Charges: As all the published articles are freely available world-wide for readers and researchers, a fraction of the total cost is essentially charged by the authors of the accepted papers to maintain publication, circulation and archiving of articles. This charge is Euro 280.00 or USD 385.00. For authors in India this charge is INR 15000.00. This charge should be paid prior to publication of the accepted articles during proofs corrections.

Offprint: As the journal is published only in electronic version, published articles will be available to download for everyone without any charge. Authors may download their articles directly from our website, but if requested we may also send the articles via e-mail. After the publication articles can be downloaded free of charge from our website. Jyoti Academic Press provides a set of 25 hardprints of the article to the corresponding author ex-gratis for records and personal use. Authors may also order additional hardprints at their own cost during proofs corrections.

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