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Publication listed in Mathematical Sciences

Research and Communications in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Editorial Board in Mathematical Sciences
Professor S. Ebrahimi Atani [Editor-in-Chief]
Department of Mathematics
University of Guilan
P. O. Box 1914
e-mail: ebrahimi@guilan.ac.ir
Professor Erdal Karapinar
Department of Mathematics
Atilim University
06586 Incek
e-mail: erdalkarapinar@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Operator Theory, Fixed Point Theory, Functional Analysis, Linear Topological Invariant, Classification of Kothe Spaces, Classification of Orlicz Spaces.

Professor Lixin Cheng
School of Mathematical Sciences
Xiamen University
Xiamen 361005
P. R. China
e-mail: lxcheng@xmu.edu.cn
Area of Interest: Functional Analysis, Convex Analysis and Geometry of Banach Spaces.
Professor Metin Basarir
Department of Mathematics
Sakarya University
e-mail: basarir@sakarya.edu.tr
Area of Interest: Mathematical Analysis, Sequences Spaces and Summability Theory, Fixed Point Theory, Fuzzy Sequences Spaces, Spectrum on Sequences Spaces

Professor Raffaele D'Ambrosio
Dipartimento di Matematica
Universita di Salerno
Fisciano (Sa) 84084
e-mail: rdambrosio@unisa.it
Area of Interest: Numerical Analysis.
Professor Abdelhalim Azzouz
Departement de Mathematiques et Informatique
Faculte de Sciences et de Technologie
Universite de Saida
P. O. Box 132
Saida 20000
e-mail: abdelhalim.azzouz.cus@gmail.com
Area of Interest: Operator Theory and Nonlinear Optimization.

Professor Atid Kangtunyakarn
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Bangkok 10520
e-mail: beawrock@hotmail.com
Area of Interest: Fixed Point Theory, Functional Analysis and Operator Theory.
Professor Susumu Oda
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Education
Kochi University
2-5-1 Akebono-Cho
Kochi 780-8520
e-mail: ssmoda@kochi-u.ac.jp
Area of Interest: Commutative Algebra, Polynomial Rings and Ring-Extensions.

Professor Asterios Pantokratoras
School of Engineering
Democritus University of Thrace
67100 Xanthi
e-mail: apantokr@civil.duth.gr
Area of Interest: Mathematics in Fluid Mechanics.
Professor Moshe Goldberg
Department of Mathematics
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000
e-mail: mg@technion.ac.il
Area of Interest: Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, Norm Theory and General Inequalities.

Professor Hichem Hajaiej
King Saud University
P. O. Box 2455
11451 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia
e-mail: hhajaiej@ksu.edu.sa
Area of Interest: Calculus of Variations, Pdes.
Professor Jong-Kwang Yoo
Department of Liberal Arts and Science
Chodang University
Muan 534-701
South Korea
e-mail: jkyoo@chodang.ac.kr
Area of Interest: Operator Theory, Functional Analysis and Banach Algebra.

Professor Yu-Jiang Wu
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Lanzhou University
Gansu 730000
P. R. China
e-mail: myjaw@lzu.edu.cn
Area of Interest: Numerical Solutions of Ordinary/Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Linear and Nonlinear Algebra, Mathematics of Scientific Computation etc.

Professor Ricardo Abreu Blaya
Departamento de Matematica
Universidad de Holguin
Holguin 80100
e-mail: rabreu@facinf.uho.edu.cu
Area of Interest: Complex, Hypercomplex and Clifford Analysis, Boundary Value Problems for Elliptic EDPs.

Professor Haik G. Ghazaryan
Russian-Armenian (Slavic) University
0051, Hovsep Emin 123 Str.
e-mail: haikghazaryan@mail.ru
Area of Interest: Elliptic, Hypoelliptic (by L. Hormander), Partially Hypoelliptic (by L. Gording and B. Malgrange), Almost Hypoelliptic (by J. Elliot and H. Ghazaryan) Linear Differential Operators and Equations, Comparision of Polynomials of many Variables and Differential Operators, Behvior of Infiniy of Polynomials of many Variables, Smoothness of Solutions of Nonhypoelliptic Equations, Sobolev - type , Tribel - type, Nikolskii - type, Besov - type Functional Spaces and others.

Professor Zhuang-Dan Daniel Guan
Department of Mathematics
University of California at Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521
e-mail: zguan_02@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Complex Geometry, Riemannian Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Symplectic Geometry and Homogeneous Spaces.

Professor Mansoor Saburov
Department of Computational and Theoretical Sciences
Faculty of Science
International Islamic University of Malaysia
P. O. Box 141
25710, Kuantan
e-mail: msaburov@gmail.com
Area of Interest: Functional Analysis, Dynamical System, Ergodic Theory, P-adic Analysis, Geometric Properties of Banach Spaces, Fixed Point Theory, Quantum Lattice Models of Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Markov Chain.

Professor Bao-Xuan Zhu
School of Mathematical Sciences
Jiangsu Normal University
Xuzhou 221116
P. R. China
e-mail: bxzhu@jsnu.edu.cn
Area of Interest: Algebraic Combinatoric, Algebraic Graph Theory, Spectral Theory of Graphs, Graph Polynomials, Unimodality Problems of Sequences.

Professor Jose Maria Sigarreta Almira
Faculty of Mathematics
Autonomous University of Guerrero
Carlos E. Adame 5
Col. La Garita
Acapulco, Guerrero
e-mail: josemariasigarretaalmira@hotmail.com
Area of Interest: Discrete Mathematics.

Professor Liu Lanzhe
College of Mathematics
Hunan University
Changsha 410082
P. R. China
e-mail: lanzheliu@163.com
Area of Interest: Analysis (Harmonic Analysis).
Nyabadza, Farai
Department of Mathematics
University of Stellenbosch
P. Bag X1
South Africa
e-mail: nyabadzaf@sun.ac.za
Area of Interest: Mathematical Epidemiology and Mathematical Modelling.
Professor Gancho Tachev
Department of Mathematics
University of Architecture
1 Hr. Smirnenski, Blvd.
1046 Sofia
e-mail: gtt_fte@uacg.bg
Area of Interest: Approximation Theory, Numerical Analysis, CAGD (Comp. Aided Geom. Desighn).

Professor Nguyen Van Loi
Faculty of Fundamental Sciences
Petro Vietnam University
e-mail: loinv14@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Set-Valued Analysis, Differential and Functional Differential Inclusions, Bifurcation Theory and Fixed Point Theory.
Professor Yasien Ghallab Gouda
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
South Valley University
e-mail: yasiengouda@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Homology and Cohomology Theory of Algebra (Pure and Operator Algebra), A-infinity Algebra and related topics.

Professor Zayid Abdulhadi
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
American University of Sharjah
P. O. Box 26666
United Arab Emirates
e-mail: zahadi@aus.edu
Area of Interest: Geometric Theory of Functions of One Complex Variable, in Particular, Univalent Logharmonic and Harmonic Functions and Biharmonic Functions.

Professor Gaohang Yu
School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Gannan Normal University
Ganzhou 341000
P. R. China
e-mail: maghyu@163.com
Area of Interest: Numerical Optimization, Image Processing and Medical Imaging.

Professor Yuming Qin
Department of Applied Mathematics
Donghua University
Shanghai 201620
P. R. China
e-mail: yuming_qin@hotmail.com
Area of Interest: Nonlinear Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations and their Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems.
Professor Azer Khanmamedov
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Hacettepe University
Beytepe 06532
e-mail: azer@hacettepe.edu.tr
Area of Interest: PDE, Long-Time Behaviour of the Hyperbolic and Parabolic Equations.

Professor Paul Thomas Young
Department of Mathematics
College of Charleston
66, George Street
South Carolina 29424-0001
e-mail: paul@math.cofc.edu
Area of Interest: Number Theory, Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics, P-adic Analysis, Zeta and L-functions and Congruences.

Professor Temur Jangveladze
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
I. Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics
2, Universtiy St.
Tbilisi 0186
e-mail: tjangv@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Nonlinear Differential and Integro-Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Nonlocal Boundary and Initial Value Problems, Mathematical Modelling.

Professor Emrullah Yasar
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Uludag University
16059 Bursa
e-mail: eyasar@uludag.edu.tr
Area of Interest: Differential Equations (Partial Dif. Equ., Ordinary Dif. Equ. Analytic and Numerical Solutions of these Equations), Lie Group Theory and Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics.

Professor Hyam Abboud
Departement de Mathematiques
Faculte des Sciences II
Universite Libanaise
B.P. 90656
e-mail: habboud@ul.edu.lb
Area of Interest: Numerical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.
Professor Hoda Bidkhori
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
e-mail: bidkhori@mit.edu
Area of Interest: Discrete Mathematics and Operations Research.
Professor Maria C. Adam
Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Informatics
University of Thessaly
2-4 Papasiopoulou Str.
Lamia, 35100
e-mail: madam@dib.uth.gr
Area of Interest: Numerical Ranges, Specral Analysis, Numerical Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory and Applications to Systems Theory, Algorithms, Graphs and Biostatistics.

Professor Vladimir Shelkovich
Department of Mathematics
St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
2 Krasnoarmeiskaya 4
190005, St. Petersburg
e-mail: shelkv@yahoo.com

Professor K. A. M. Kotb
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science
Taif University
Saudi Arabia
e-mail: kamkotp2@yahoo.com
Area of Interest: Queueing Theory, Inventory Models, Quality Control, Reliability Theory and Graph Theory.

Professor Chenggui Yuan
Department of Mathematics
Swansea University
Singleton Park
e-mail: c.yuan@swansea.ac.uk
Area of Interest: Stochastic Differential Equations, Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, Markov Processes, Stochastic Control and Mathematical Finance.

Professor Suayip Yuzbasi
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Akdeniz University
Antalya, Turkey
e-mail: syuzbasi@akdeniz.edu.tr or suayipyuzbasi@gmail.com
Area of Interest: Differential-Difference Equations, Integral and Integro-Differential Equations, Initial and Boundary Value Problems, Numerical Methods and Partial Differential Equations.

Professor Dimitrios Poulakis
Department of Mathematics
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
541 24, Thessaloniki
e-mail: poulakis@math.auth.gr
Area of Interest: Number Theory (Diophantine Equations, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Computational Number Theory) and Public Key Crytography.

Professor Cristina Flaut
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Ovidius University
Bd. Mamaia 124
900527, Constanta
e-mail: cflaut@univ-ovidius.ro
Area of Interest: Nonassociative Algebras and its Applications.
Professor Ogun Dogru
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Gazi University
06500 Teknik Okullar
e-mail: ogun.dogru@gazi.edu.tr
Area of Interest: Approximation of Functions by Linear Operators, Korovkin type error Estimates, Rate of Convergence, Direct and Inverse Theorems in Approximation Theory, Statistical Convergence, Simultaneous Approximation, q-series and q-polynomials and Riesz Potentials.

Professor Sheng Zhang
Department of Mathematics
Bohai University
Jinzhou 121000
P. R. China
e-mail: zhshaeng@yahoo.com.cn
Professor Nikolay A. Kudryashov
Department of Applied Mathematics
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI
31 Kashirskoe Shosse
115409 Moscow
e-mail: nakudryashov@mephi.ru

Professor Carlo Bianca
Dipartimento di Scienze Matematicha
Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca Degli Abruzzi 24
10129, Torino
e-mail: carlo.bianca@polito.it
Area of Interest: Mathematical Methods and Models for Complex Systems, Numerical Methods for Kinetic Equations, Dynamical Systems, Chaos Dynamics, Thermostatted Biliards, Anomalous Transport.


Professor Claudianor Oliveira Alves
Unidade Academica de Matematica e Estatistica
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande
CEP: 58429-900
Campina Grande - PB
e-mail: coalvesbr@yahoo.com.br
Area of Interest: Partial Differential Equations of the type Elliptic, Variational Methods, Topological Degree, Sub and Super-solutions, etc.
Professor Reza Ebrahimi Atani
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Guilan
P. O. Box: 41635-3756
Postal Code: 41996-13769
e-mail: rebrahimi@guilan.ac.ir
Area of Interest: Computer Science, Cryptology, Computer and Network Security, Information Hiding, Semi-Ring Theory and Semi-Module Theory.
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