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The JYOTI ACADEMIC PRESS is established with an aim to disseminate high quality research work and knowledge of all the dimensions of academic studies by publishing peer-reviewed international journals and books and monographs by eminent scholars from all around the globe. Jyoti Academic Press is an institution with a distinction having a mission to empower the high level academic activities by utilizing every available opportunity. With a vast majority of skilled professionals it has molded itself in a way that fast dissemination cannot affect the quality of work.

We are determined to transform it one of the most sought after academic press complying the present needs of the academic community. Our main focus is on quality and high standard and we believe we have transformed in its accordance.
Mathematical Sciences
Research and Communications in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences [ISSN 2319-6939]
Transnational Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications [ISSN 2347-9086]

Transnational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Physical Sciences
Research and Reviews in Materials Science and Chemistry [ISSN 2319-6920]
Social Sciences
Trends and Development in Management Studies [ISSN 2319-7838]
Biological Science
Research and Communications in Biological Sciences

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All articles published by Jyoti Academic Press are made freely and permanently available online immediately upon publication, without subscription or access charges.
Mathematical Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Sciences
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λ-central BMO estimates for multilinear commutator of singular integral operator with variable Calderón-Zygmund kernel by Tan Lu, Chuangxia Huang and Lanzhe Liu

Perturbation analysis for the generalized inverses with prescribed idempotents in Banach algebras by Jianbing Cao and Yifeng Xue

Existence of infinitely many large solutions for a class of fourth-order elliptic equations in Rn by Jiu Liu and Shao Xiong Chen

On the stability of σ quadratic functional equation by Iz. El-Fassi, N. Bounader, A. Chahbi and S. Kabbaj
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Transnational Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

Transnational Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
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